SHOCK: Hillary Poses for Student’s Pic, Has No Idea What He’s About to Do to Her

When this particular election cycle first began, it was assumed by many that former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton would be the nominee of the Democrat Party, with only the formality of an unchallenged primary season for her to waltz through on her way to the White House.

Unfortunately, that is not what has happened, largely due to the growing mountain of scandals that surround the presumptive nominee, such as questionable donations to the Clinton Family Foundation, absurdly high payments for speeches, and of course her seemingly deliberate mishandling of official emails containing classified information while head of the State Department.

Now Clinton has found herself struggling to win states and maintain the lead even in a rigged primary sequence against a 74-year-old self-declared socialist, resulting in her having to still pound the pavement, hold interminable rallies, and press the flesh with the regular people.

Thus, we find this selfie taken by a teenage kid with Clinton, who likely assumed that the boy was a fan of hers, only to shockingly discover later that he had an ulterior motive for snapping the selfie, according to The Political Insider.


This is utterly hilarious, and while we certainly don’t condone the boy’s choice of words, we nevertheless find ourselves in full agreement with the point he made.

In truth, Hillary doesn’t need to learn to manage emails, as first of all, she never should have had a private email server in the first place.

Also, there isn’t much need to manage email while sitting in prison on multiple felony counts for mishandling classified information, revealing national security secrets, destruction of evidence and obstruction of justice.


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