SHOCK: Insider Reveals Hillary’s Plan if She’s Indicted… We’re in Trouble

Longtime investigate journalist Ed Klein, author of several revealing biographies about Democrat front-runner Hillary Rodham Clinton, claimed on Tuesday that she has an underhanded plan in place in case she gets indicted by the FBI for her corrupt behavior as secretary of state.

“She has told her aides and her friends even if she’s indicted, she intends to run anyway because she will say, ‘Hey, I got 13 million votes in the primaries … Democracy’s at work,’ and all of that stuff,” he said while speaking on Newsmax TV, according to Canada Free Press contributor Robert Laurie. “She intends to run.”

Laurie added that this revelation by Klein perfectly fit the modus operandi of both Clinton and her husband, former President Bill Clinton.

“They are the heroes of their own story,” he wrote. “Every single thing that could possibly get in the way of their mad quest for power is a distraction to be dealt with in one of three ways. It’s either bargained with, dominated, or ignored.”

Exactly. The Clintons are masters of spin, in that they know how to spin anything so that the news winds up benefiting them instead of hurting them.

In the case of a potential indictment, for instance, Clinton might also try to accuse Republicans of purposefully thwarting her bid for the presidency, despite the fact that the FBI is widely respected as a professional and non-partisan agenecy of our Democrat president’s federal government.

Obviously, we must now wait and see what happens, but given this woman’s extensive history of deep corruption, we frankly doubt she is even slightly worried about a potential indictment barring her run for the presidency.


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