SHOCK: Look at the GOP Members Who Just Showed Up in Pro-Hillary Ad

Despite having not yet handled business on her own side of the presidential primary campaign, still struggling to dispatch a 74-year-old socialist, former secretary of State Hillary Clinton has nevertheless set her sights on presumptive GOP nominee Donald Trump.

Clinton’s team has released a new ad targeting the billionaire businessman, using only the words spoken by some of the former GOP rivals he vanquished in the primary, according to Breitbart.

Mixed together with clips of failed 2012 GOP nominee Mitt Romney denouncing Trump, the ad also featured the likes of former Gov. Jeb Bush, Sen. Marco Rubio, Sen. Lindsey Graham, Sen. Ted Cruz, businesswoman Carly Fiorina and former Gov. George Pataki.

Clinton posted the anti-Trump ad to her Twitter account with the caption, “‘President Trump’ is a dangerous proposition. Mitt Romney, Ted Cruz, and Marco Rubio agree.”

Striking directly at Trump’s claim that he will unify the Republican Party, the 78-second ad highlighted the inherent problem with exceptionally heated primary contests containing harsh rhetoric and hyperbolic vitriol, as it can all be used by the opposition against the eventual winner.

According to Trump’s many rivals, he is a “con artist,” a “phony,” a “know-nothing” and a “narcissistic” “bully” who mocks disabled people.

The ad ended with Trump again claiming to be a unifier whom everyone loves, followed by a clip of Jeb Bush sighing and suggesting that Trump needed “therapy.”

It remains to be seen if this ad will have much effect for Clinton, as many of the words used to describe Trump could also conceivably be applied to her as well, and the fact that Donald Trump has been attacked by members in good standing of the GOP establishment like Graham and Bush is likely only to help cement his reputation as a Washington outsider.

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