Shock: Perry dumps Cruz, endorses Trump on The View “we must beat Hillary”

Perry appeared on ABC’s The View and shocked the country when he did not side with Cruz who hails from his state.

Texas loyalty has helped the Cruz campaign for some time and this change is a massive defeat for Lyin’ Ted. At first, Perry seemed reluctant to fully praise Donald. He specified that some of Trump’s brash insults worry him and he wishes Donald could adopt a more “serious” tone. However, Trump’s positives clearly outweigh his occasional outbursts because Perry formally told reporters that at the end of the day he would vote Trump!

Has Donald Trump finally become the “presumptive nominee” for the Republican Party? That was the question posed to former Texas Governor Rick Perry when he visited The View on Wednesday, the morning after Trump swept five primaries in the Northeast.

Admitting that Trump’s rise seemed like a “stretch” to him when he was running against the candidate last year, Perry touted his credentials as one of the original anti-Trump voices on the Republican side. When he dropped out of the race last September, he did so with a powerful rebuke of the current frontrunner.

“When you look back four years ago,” Perry said on Wednesday, “had Mitt Romney said some of the things that [Trump] said, we would have written him off and it would have probably been the end of his nomination.”

“I will, I will, at the end of the day, I will,” Perry said. “Senator Clinton has a different philosophical view than I do about what government’s role is. She believes the government and Washington, D.C., needs to be even strengthened more and more power put into Washington, D.C. I disagree with that and I disagree with it powerfully.”

Perry has come a long way since last June when he was calling Trump’s candidacy a “cancer on conservatism” that “must be clearly diagnosed, excised, and discarded.”

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