Shock poll: Trump at highest level of support yet according to NBC, beats Cruz, Kasich, Clinton

Donald Trump has surged to new heights today, March 29th, in the new NBC/Survey monkey poll.

According to the new national poll, Trump tops Cruz, Kasich, and even Hillary Clinton in hypothetical one on one battles.

Before today the highest number Trump had received was 47 percent support in a CNN/ORC poll that came out earlier this month, according to Real Clear Politics

Another survey, by the organization YouGov, had Trump at 53 percent in mid-March, though that poll isn’t used to tabulate the respected Real Clear Politics polling average.  

Not only did Trump see a slight bump in the numbers – he’s up 3 percent this week – but a majority of Republicans are now saying they believe he should get the nomination if he’s ahead in the delegate count. 

Right now Trump has, by the Wall Street Journal’s account, 274 more delegates than Cruz, giving him a commanding lead in the race to 1,237 delegates. 

Trump has argued that because the field was so large to begin with, that he should be able to clinch the nomination with a plurality. 

Both Cruz and Kasich say that Trump must get to that magic number of 1,237. 

Kasich especially has argued that if Trump doesn’t cross that line, then the primaries should go into overtime at this July’s Republican National Convention in Cleveland. 

A majority of Republican voters are on Trump’s side – 57 percent say he should win the nomination with a plurality of delegates. 

On the flip side, 27 percent disagree and believe he should not win the nomination with a plurality, while 14 percent said they weren’t sure. 

Not surprisingly, it’s Trump supporters who predominantly hold this stance and because they make up so much of the electorate they propel their view into the majority. 

When Trump supporters are surveyed alone on the question of a plurality win, 89 percent say The Donald should get the nomination without crossing the 1,237 delegate line. 

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