Shock: Sarah Palin Just UNLEASHED On Obama Like Never Before – ‘Special Kind Of Stupid’

As a surrogate for presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump, former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin has seen a resurgence in her national brand among many conservatives. In the wake of Sunday’s terror attack at an Orlando, Fla., nightclub, she used her social media reach to criticize President Barack Obama’s call for expanded gun control.

“Enough is enough, Mr. President,” Palin charged in a Facebook post on Friday. “There’s no ‘due respect’ due after pulling this stunt.”

The 2008 vice-presidential candidate went on to describe Obama’s use of the recent tragedy to make his case against guns as “disgusting.”

Palin alleged the current administration is “demanding an ‘explanation’ from law abiding gun owners, but not demanding the same from followers of Islam, the religion behind this terror[.]”

Her point is one raised by numerous other Obama critics online.

Palin’s personal message was accompanied by a meme depicting a woman protecting a child with her rifle. Its caption proclaims, “15 million plus women have decided to own a firearm. You might call it a woman’s right to choose.”

In addition to emphatically defending the right of gun owners, Palin called Obama “a special kind of stupid to demand we explain ourselves.”

She linked to an article recounting Obama’s emotional meeting with the survivors and families of those killed in the Orlando mass shooting.

That article, she concluded, was her “explanation” for owning a firearm for protection.

Within the first few minutes of posting the status update, thousands of Facebook users had shared it and hundreds more voiced their support of her message.

“My oldest daughter is taking a gun class next Saturday,” wrote one user. “Yes I will get a gun as well as my daughter and yes I will learn how to use it. With Obama as president we must protect ourselves.”

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