SHOCK: Trump-Hater Krauthammer Stuns GOP Elite With Huge Betrayal

They say it ain’t over until the fat lady sings. However, for the #NeverTrump movement and the GOP elite, what happened this weekend could be proof that Rosie O’Donnell has begun her final aria.

In a Friday night appearance on Fox News, Charles Krauthammer — the favorite pundit of the GOP elite, the conservative who has arguably complained the loudest about Donald Trump’s candidacy — called the #NeverTrump campaign his “loser of the week.”

“The loser is the ‘never Trump’ movement, the organized resistance, such as it was, has crumbled,” Krauthammer said during his appearance on “Special Report.”

“Various parts of the party are acquiescing, however reluctantly, to Trump. Some pockets remain, but that’s all they are, pockets. It’s over.”




It’s hard to believe that a little over a month ago, we still believed that the Republican nomination was going to come down to a contested convention. We were assured by the GOP elites that Trump would have no support there, and that — at best — conservatives could hope to see Ted Cruz nominated.

At worst, we heard names like House Speaker and Paul Ryan, Ohio Gov. John Kasich, Florida Sen. Marco Rubio (who likely would have picked a bottle of Aquafina as his running mate), or even the dread Mitt Romney on top of the Republican ticket.

There was a certain amount of glee when the GOP elite were describing just who they would shove down our throats. It’s almost as if they were saying, “Sorry, voters. You just couldn’t get enough support. We’ll take it from here.”

Then, the dominoes began falling. Trump scored a crushing, unexpected victory in New York. Then he swept the so-called “Acela primaries” a week later. Ted Cruz tried to make a last stand in Indiana, something that went about as well as his attempts at using basketball metaphors.

Suddenly, smugness turned to desperation. The #NeverTrump movement collapsed, with polls showing more Republicans happy with Trump than Democrats with Clinton.

Yet, the GOP elite saunters on, convinced that a third-party run can happen. Now, even Charles Krauthammer has told them that, no, it’s over. Let’s only hope they listen.

H/T Breitbart

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