SHOCK VIDEO: 24 Hours After Trump Rival Appears, BOMBSHELL Video Disqualifies Him

Rumors have been swirling over the past few days about a potential third-party challenger to Trump who could siphon off Republican voters. David French’s name has been at the head of these rumors, though they remain little more than rumors.

The Right Scoop reported that an old video of French has begun recirculating the internet in which French stated that if Trump won the nomination he would vote for him and not Hillary Clinton.

“What do I do? I vote for Donald Trump,” he stated when asked if he would vote for him. “I’m not one of these Republicans who said, or conservatives who said, ‘Well, I’m just going to take my ball and go home.’”

After hearing these comments, it will be hard for some Republicans to take a French run seriously given that he had previously supported Trump.

However French did publicly change his mind about Trump shortly after stating that he would support him, claiming that Trump’s more questionable tendencies, such as spouting conspiracy theories, had convinced him not to vote for the man.

Still, the video of French saying that he would support Trump is pretty damning and would likely hurt any potential run at the White House he might be considering, particularly given how he characterized (accurately) those in the “Never Trump” crowd as wanting to “take my ball and go home.”

A third-party run would almost guarantee that Clinton would win the White House because most of the voters who would go to French would be Republicans.

If Clinton gets in the White House, America as we know it may very well be lost. We can’t afford to let that happen. You don’t have to like Donald Trump, but considering who the alternative is, can we really afford to not vote for him?

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