Shocking Ali Expose’ Reveals Truth About the Champ Libs Hoped We’d Never Hear

After Muhammed Ali passed away last week, many of the stories run about him focused on his political beliefs, such as his firm stance against the Vietnam War, and championed him as a supporter of liberal causes.

WND reported that a book about Ali titled “Sucker Punch: The Hard Left Hook That Dazed Ali and Killed King’s Dream” sheds new light on Ali’s relationship with God and how it affected his personal life.

The book details how Ali had his revelation around 1983, which is when he became a “true believer” and tried to change his life around.

“I thought I was a true believer, but I wasn’t. I fit my religion to do what I wanted. I did things that were wrong, and chased women all the time,” he confessed.

This would explain Ali’s transformation in his later life, such as supporting Ronald Reagan and other Republicans, something that angered many of his liberal fans.

“I conquered the world, and it didn’t bring me true happiness,” Ali stated. “The only true satisfaction comes from honoring and worshipping God.”

Many liberals would be loath to detail this sort of personal account of Ali’s faith because they wouldn’t want to admit that he believed in a higher power than the federal government.

Admitting that Ali found God, and then found the Republican party, would be essentially admitting that liberal ideology isn’t the answer to the world’s problems, and that liberals are wrong on a great many things.

Liberals would prefer to believe that Ali was somehow tricked by the Republican party into supporting ideas that are harmful to African-Americans, despite a shocking lack of proof to back these claims up.

The truth is that Ali saw how the Republican Party, with all its flaws, tries to fight for Americans and believes that everyone should make his or her own way in this world, regardless of skin color.

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