SHOCKING Hillary Video Leaked – She Just Lost All Support from “Black Lives Matter!” (MUST SEE)

After confronted by an unidentified black voter, Hillary Clinton became immediately defensive.

This newly surfaced video shows Hillary telling the man that she will “only talk to white people.”

Watch (below) as he tries to talk to her about ongoing violence in black communities, which he believes will always be a problem.

He wanted to talk about ways to address violence in black communities. But before he could finish a sentence, Hillary immediately interrupted him and announced:

“If that is your position, then I will only talk to white people.”

Then she waved her hands close to his face, and alerted her staff to step in.

He tried to tell her that what he meant was, the key to improving black communities is changing hearts. And that’s what made Hillary Clinton let her real views slip!

She interrupted him again and said she would never believe in changing hearts. Instead, she wants laws passed and resources allocated.

This is outrageous, and the “Black Lives Matters” movement can’t be happy about this:

Her treatment of this man tells you all you need to know about Hillary Clinton. There’s many things she tells her supporters she doesn’t believe, and we just saw what Hillary is like behind-the-scenes.

Let’s spread this everywhere on Facebook and Twitter! American voters must see just who Hillary Clinton is, before it’s too late.

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