SHOCKING: John Kerry Admits Syrian Crisis Being Used To Create New World Order

Truthstream media produced a video showing John Kerry admitting that crisis in Syria is being used to accomplish the administrations true goals in the region.

They argue that, while Kerry, Obama, and the rest of the administration attempt to spin the rise of ISIS as a result of climate change, the real cause of the rise of ISIS is the administration itself.

Truthstream Media alleges that ISIS was trained and placed by the U.S. government in an elaborate scheme to create chaos in the Middle East. The world’s governments could then use the expanding crisis in order to enact a “new world order” that would otherwise be impossible without the confusion and call to action caused by the large-scale conflicts in the region.

While “climate change” continues to be the go-to scapegoat for the rise of ISIS in Syria and Iraq, Truthstream media has a different take on the matter:

Truthstream Media released a fascinating video where they explain the crisis in Syria, and poke fun at the Orwellian NewSpeak Obama used to describe his response to terrorism.

They also discussed how John Kerry, a Skull and Bonesman like George Bush, had basically admitted that they were making use of the chaos in the Middle East to bring about a “world order”.

Watch their video below and see for yourself.

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