SHOTS FIRED: Priebus Goes After Hillary

Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus on Saturday blasted Hillary Clinton after the presumptive Democratic nominee was interviewed by the FBI as part of an investigation into her email practices.

“Hillary Clinton has just taken the unprecedented step of becoming the first major party presidential candidate to be interviewed by the FBI as part of a criminal investigation surrounding her reckless conduct,” Priebus said in a statement. ”That the FBI wanted her for questioning reinforces her central role in deliberately creating a culture which put her own political ambitions above State Department rules and jeopardized our national security.”

Priebus said Clinton exposed classified information “just so she could skirt transparency laws in order to hide her shady dealings as Secretary of State.”

“When you factor in Clinton directed this server be established to cover up the tangled web of donors, State Department actions and her family foundation, we must ask ourselves if this is the kind of leadership we want in the White House,” he added.

Priebus also said a meeting between Lynch and Bill Clinton “raises serious concerns about special treatment.”

“Others have lost their security clearances, their jobs, or even gone to jail for doing far less, and Clinton needs to be held to the same standard as everyone else.”

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