SICK! Hillary Caught Making Nasty Sexual Joke On Camera, She’s Gross

So, Trump is unfit to be President because of locker room banter that was inappropriate for a man of his position, right? So what happens when the FEMALE candidate is caught doing the same thing about men?

Hillary Clinton was caught on video not once, but twice objectifying men!

The first of these incidents is worst of the two, as she tells Lena Dunham she wants a copy of a tape when Lenny Kravitz pants split and his genitalia apparently popped out.

The second one is when two men were at her rally, young enough to be her sons, and had their shirts off. Instead of asking them to put their shirts back on, Hillary insisted security leave them alone…

The language may have been different, but the overall theme was right in line with Trump’s 2005 comments!

BUT, Hillary has a big problem here in that she made these comments during THIS presidential run! She was not acting as a private citizen, but campaigning for the highest office in the land when these words came out of her mouth!

Another great point was made by one of my writers today, The Liberty Belle, who is obviously a woman. Her question was where was the outrage by women when 50 Shades of Grey came out?

Last time I checked, it has hardly outrage but rather a national sensation with the same women now feigning outrage telling every woman on the planet they needed to read this book ASAP because it was sooooo good!

This is the double standard and hypocrisy we have in this world today. One person says something, it is horrible, someone else says something similar, and nothing at all happens.

Again, I am not defending Trump’s words, I never have. BUT, at the same time, until proven differently, I will take him at his word that it was nothing more than banter between two men.

As I stated when the scandal first broke, I have heard far worse from females thinking there was no man within hearing distance. In fact, I have heard it when they did know I could hear them, as though that would make them more attractive to me somehow!

Even field folks, that is all we are asking for it here. Judge him fairly, but do the same to Hillary and stop giving her a free pass.

H/T: Angry Patriot Movement

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