SICK! Navy Seals Forced to ABORT Hostage Rescue Because Obama Was Doing THIS

When our elite fighting forces are given a task – and they are left unencumbered by politicians to complete that task – they rarely fail. The only variable in this truth is the interference of the politicians who hold sway over our Armed Forces.

Such was the case with two rescue attempts of two hostages held by the Taliban in Afghanistan by Navy SEALs. FOX News reports that US SpecOps forces mounted an unsuccessful operation to rescue the hostages after an earlier attempt was terminated in mid-operation by the White House. Sources familiar with the White House decision blamed the poor decision making on both “infirm intelligence” and “bureaucracy.”

Why was the first mission unable to take place? Well, if you remember, Barry was out playing golf!

The Obama Administration has routinely employed the use of Special Forces (SpecOps) for delicate military matters. In each case there has always been criticism of their lack of understanding regarding the intelligence requirements necessary to achieve the missions’ goals.

The two SpecOps operations centered on rescuing two American University of Afghanistan professors kidnapped in Kabul last month. Current intelligence updated after the two rescue attempts now have the hostages’ whereabouts in question.

The kidnapping of the professors – one American and the other Australian – took place on August 7th. In the abduction, Taliban operatives stormed the university militarily and extracted the two after a standoff with local authorities.

The full SpecOps operation took place just a few days later. In that rescue attempt US Navy SEALs killed seven enemy fighters. But when the firefight ended, there was no sign of the hostages.

The first rescue attempt was aborted mid-operation when the US SpecOps forces couldn’t obtain a “go” order from the Obama White House. The decidedly anti-military Obama inner-circle expressed “concerns” about the intelligence, this according to defense officials with intimate knowledge of the decision-making process.

The same defense officials stated that the SpecOps team was in the air headed to the target area when they were ordered to return to their base in Afghanistan for lack of White House approval on the operation.

Approval was granted by President Obama the very next day. The US SpecOps team then headed back to the area where they believed the two hostages were being held just the day before. They engaged enemy forces at a compound were just 24 hours earlier they were confident the hostages were being held, but the hostages were not to be found.

It isn’t clear if the hostages were ever inside the suspected compound or if they were moved before the second rescue attempt could take place, one official said. If, in fact, they were moved one would have to surmise that the aborted mission served as a warning to the Taliban hostage-takers and prompted them to move their captives.

One source told FOX News the delay in approving the first rescue attempt – the order to abort the mission in mid-flight – was due to the White House “bureaucracy.”

This is the kind of nonchalant attitude with which the Obama Administration – and, by the way, the Clinton State Department – approaches critical military operations. It is a disservice to our brave military men and women.

One thing is for certain: This type of attitude cannot be allowed to continue in the next Commander-in-Chief. As Hillary Clinton lauds the performance of Barack Obama, I would say that pretty well disqualifies her for the role.

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