SICK: NYT Reporter Writes Piece on Hillary, Instantly Get Chilling Phone Call

The liberal media has been exploding over the past two days because Hillary Clinton became the first woman to be the presumptive presidential nominee of a major political party in America.

Sen. Bernie Sanders’ supporters were none too pleased about this because Clinton became the presumptive nominee only with the help of so-called “super delegates,” delegates who are not elected by the people, not bound to any candidate and vote based on personal preference.

Amy Chozick, a reporter for The New York Times, co-wrote an article announcing that Clinton was the first woman nominee. Now she’s paying for it dearly.

Chozick tweeted that she had received multiple death threats from Sanders supporters who believed that their candidate has been “robbed” of the nomination and blame the establishment for Clinton’s win.

Because Clinton’s nomination is Chozick’s fault, apparently. Seems reasonable.

To these supporters, it doesn’t really matter that Clinton has millions more votes than her self-proclaimed “Democratic Socialist” rival and has beaten him in the popular vote 57 to 43, according to RealClearPolitics. They feel cheated, and they want everyone to know that they are mad.

Maybe now Chozick will understand what it is like to be a Republican reporter on a daily basis. Republicans get death threats and hate mail regularly from crazy liberals who don’t believe in free speech or a free media.

Throughout the election cycle, many Sanders supporters have acted like sociopaths, rioting and looting when they don’t get their way and causing fights to break out at the rallies of political opponents like Donald Trump.

This is the article that had them up in arms this time:


These supporters, commonly referred to as “Bernie bros,” don’t seem to care about freedom or fair elections. All they want is free stuff, and they are going to make everyone else pay if they don’t get it. (And even if they do, ironically.)

While all candidates tend attract a certain number of crazy people, Sanders’ campaign seems to be full of them. While we may not like Clinton, and may think she belongs in jail, we certainly aren’t going to send death threats to anyone at The New York Times for writing an article that states facts.


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