SICK: Obama Admin Declares War on Bald Eagles, Moves to Destroy National Bird

President Barack Obama is so beholden to the enviro-statists that he has placed the climate change agenda and the quest for renewable energy above all else, including actual energy production and even the military.

He has even placed the war against global warming above the safety and well-being of our nation’s national symbol, the bald eagle.

According to Newsmax, the Obama administration has revised a rule that will now allow wind-energy companies to kill or maim thousands of eagles with their giant turbine blades.

Under the new Fish and Wildlife plan, companies utilizing the giant wind turbines would be permitted to kill or injure up to 4,200 bald or golden eagles per year without suffering any sort of penalty, an increase in the previous limit of more than four-fold.

Of course, the administration is spinning the announcement as actually being good for the birds, because wind farms will supposedly slow climate change, which is killing birds … or something like that.

Meanwhile, the taxpayer-subsidized wind farm operators will run their massive turbines, which can stand as tall as 30 stories and spin at speeds upwards of 170 mph, creating vortexes that suck birds in and chop them up as they unwittingly fly through the spinning blades.

The government, media and industry leaders rarely mention that though, nor do they mention the thousands of birds cooked to death by the reflected and magnified rays of the sun when flying over the massive arrays of solar panels that Obama wants to put everywhere.

The new rule effectively grants wind power companies a 30-year pass on killing eagles, though they will be required to report how many are killed per year and will face inspections and renewals of permits every five years.

It is worth noting that while bald and golden eagles are not endangered species, they are protected by two major federal laws that make killing or harming them a federal offense.

Obama has no love or respect for this country or it’s traditions, which has once again been made perfectly clear as he has basically granted wind power companies a license to slaughter our national bird, for the greater good of the country and the birds themselves, of course.

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