SICK – Obama Jokes While ISIS Attacks U.S. Mall, Instantly Realizes He Made a HUGE Mistake

President Barack Obama was pandering to a liberal audience at the Congressional Black Caucus, making jokes about terrorism and potential nuclear war, while America was being attacked by not one but two radical Islamic terrorists.

Making a joke about terrorism, no matter where you are or what is going on in the country, is never, ever, acceptable behavior from a United States president.

The fact that at least some members of the audience laughed when Obama said neither ISIS nor North Korea “weighed on his mind” like birth certificate validity claims did is very disturbing.

After joking about ISIS, Obama also told the members of the CBC he would be “personally insulted” if they did not vote for Hillary Clinton.

All of the American service men and women who lost their lives, limbs, or suffered other serious mental or physical injuries, their grieving loved ones, and their families who worried and missed them while deployed to fight the war on terrorism, were just wholly disrespected by our commander-in-chief.

Obama and his liberal pals want We the People to believe we are not at war.

However, when an enemy declares war on you, at war you are, want it or not.

It is long past time for Obama and Hillary to admit the United States is at war with radical Islamic terrorists.

Even in the wake of multiple bombs being found on city streets and eight people suffering knife wounds while out shopping on a Saturday night, the liberals still refuse to put a label on the enemy.

Hillary is happy to label tens of millions of Americans, whom she would be duty bound to represent if elected, as a “basket of deplorables” but is just not capable of using such strong language when it comes to those who have vowed to kill us and undermine our way of life.

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