SICK: Obama Makes OUTRAGEOUS Move When Prayer Breakfast Guest Acts Too Christian

Fort Riley military base in Kansas caved to atheist protests and rescheduled a prayer breakfast slated for Monday, and a retired general who was scheduled to speak won’t be invited back.

Retired Lt. Gen. Jerry Boykin was originally supposed to dress the crowd, but due to protests, his name was withdrawn from the roster of guests.

Apparently, the general’s presence at the breakfast was too threatening to some atheists, so the Military Religious Freedom Foundation launched a protest of Boykin’s speech.

Boykin told USA Radio host Rusty Humphries on his show Monday that he was accused of being a “Christian zealot” and an Islamaphobe.

Apparently, one man, Mikey Weinstein, founder of the atheist group Military Religious Freedom Foundation, was behind Boykin’s removal. Boykin said Weinstein told authorities in charge of the event at the base that some soldiers were weeping because of his appearance.

(As a veteran, I call b.s. And if it’s true, those “soldiers” need to find another career. Something that doesn’t call for any toughness or self-sacrifice. Maybe become Democrat pollsters or professional whiners for the MRFF. — Ed. note)

Weinstein protested and those in charge gave in and removed Boykin’s name from the guest list.

Boykin also said this is exactly where Obama wants his military, and his removal from the event was “just another example of how President Barack Obama is trying to drive all vestige of faith out of the military.”

“There’s been an all-out attack on faith in general, teaching a Biblical message and counseling from a Biblical perspective,” he said.

It’s gotten so bad now that we can’t have a retired general share his faith at a prayer breakfast, he added. It’s truly sad, to say the least.

Listen to the interview in its entirety below:

This is not the first time Weinstein has caused trouble for the military. Late last year, he fought to have a sign that read “God bless the military” removed from a base in Hawaii.

He has also targeted the Air Force Academy and other military institutions in hopes of removing Jesus, Christianity and prayer from their facilities.

Sadly, it’s not too surprising that Fort Riley surrendered to the protests. Weinstein and those like him are doing everything they can to assault Christianity and Obama is doing nothing to stop them.

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