Sign The Petition: Demand The DOJ Launch An Investigation Into Clinton Foundation Corruption

The Clinton Foundation continues to come under scrutiny as it’s now being reported that multiple FBI field offices pushed the United States Department of Justice to probe the supposed charitable organization.

According to reports, the FBI’s push came after the release of “Clinton Cash”, a book by author Peter Schweizer that catalogues the various ways in which the Clinton family has used their Foundation to sell access and amass a personal fortune of over $130 million.

Despite the FBI’s pleading, the DOJ has thus far refused to launch such an investigation.

Considering the growing body of evidence that suggests that the State Department engaged in pay-for-play practices while under the leadership of Hillary Clinton, the Trump campaign has recently launched a petition demanding that the DOJ launch an investigation into the Clinton Foundation

The petition reads in part:

The Clinton Foundation has time and time again exposed itself as a culture of corruption, pay-to-play deals, and downright fraud.

The DOJ’s decision to deny the FBI’s request is an obstruction of justice and a flagrant dereliction of duty from our elected officials.

We The People will not stand for it. We demand that the DOJ open an investigation into the corrupt dealings of the Clinton Foundation.

Click here to sign the petition demanding the DOJ investigate Clinton Foundation corruption!

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