SNL host knocks out Cruz with opening monologue

On Saturday Night Live this week, Weekend Update host Colin Jost gave a monologue on Texas Senator Ted Cruz, beginning with:

“Ted Cruz, I’d just like to say, on behalf of all New Yorkers, please don’t come here…you don’t like our New York values and we don’t like you.”

The comedy news host continued on to make light jokes about the senator, before questioning:

“After your weird, veiled, anti-Semitic comments about New York values, you went and made matzo at a Jewish bakery? What are you doing next, rolling out the first pitch at a lesbian kickball game?”

This is not the first time people have labeled Cruz’s “New York values” comments as anti-Semitic. Pundits have been attempting to force-fit racial and religious discrimination into the senator’s comments for months, saying that “New York values” is really a coded term for Jewish values, black values, and gay values.

Cruz’s original statement on New York values was used as an attack on Donald Trump’s 1999 comments on how he supported partial-birth abortion and gay marriage due to his residence in New York City.

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