So Much Pain! But This Marine Refuses to Stop Saluting for HOURS

During the Rolling Thunder parade in Washington, DC. to honor those lost at war, there is one lone Marine who stands quietly saluting for more than 3 hours. He holds a pose that even a healthy Marine would have trouble with maintaining, but he’s doing it with a broken wrist. And the reason he’s doing it will inspire you.

The first surprise in talking with United States Marine Corps Veteran Staff Sergeant Tim Chambers is how soft-spoken he is. He became known to the world as The Saluting Marine for standing at attention for hours during the Rolling Thunder event held each spring in Washington, DC, that honors veterans and raises awareness of POW/MIA issues. Holding the salute for three or four hours while standing on concrete in his Marine dress blues is demanding to say the least—grueling would be a more accurate term. One year he did it with a broken wrist, and he now performs this act to honor veterans despite a medical condition in his back.

He’s tough, yes, but when he talks his voice is soft, his sense of humor quickly becomes apparent, and he speaks with the earnestness one might expect from a minister, rabbi or other spiritual leader of the need for Americans to put aside their differences and take care of each other.

Via History Net

Marines never quit, no matter how difficult things are. And once a Marine, always a Marine.

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