Something CHILLING Happened To Gitmo Prisoner That Obama Released… Media SILENT

Conservatives have been warning against President Barack Obama’s mission to empty the Guantanamo Bay detention facility, as the release of these terrorists poses grave danger to the United States.

While congressional Republicans have been fighting to keep these Gitmo criminals from stepping foot on American soil — and receiving constitutional privileges — the president has been finding other ways to empty the prison, such as releasing the detainees to other countries under certain conditions.

However, that method has proven to be a complete failure. In fact, a former Gitmo detainee who was released to Uruguay has apparently vanished and is being frantically searched for by law enforcement authorities, The Washington Post reported.

Jihad Ahmed Mustafa Dhiab, a Syrian, was released to Uruguay in 2014 along with five other detainees under the condition that they would be closely supervised by the government.

However, Dhiab unsurprisingly did not care about those conditions, because he apparently has escaped the country across the border into Brazil.

The former Gitmo detainee likely used falsified documents to enter the South American country, according to The Post.

The United States has reportedly been involved in the search for the criminal, according to one anonymous U.S. official, a fact likely to support congressional Republican’s already strong argument against the release of Gitmo detainees.

“The decision to transfer a detainee is made only after detailed, specific conversations with the receiving country about the potential threat a detainee may pose after transfer and the measures the receiving country will take in order to sufficiently mitigate that threat and to ensure humane treatment,” the U.S. official told The Post.

Clearly the “threat” has not been mitigated as these countries cannot even keep track of these criminals. Recent reports have even shown that several former Gitmo detainees have returned to fighting against the United States once released.

Congressional Republicans have recently pushed for a final death knell to Obama’s plans to close the entire prison with an amendment to a defense spending bill that would prohibit the transfer of any Gitmo detainees to either American soil or abroad.

Hopefully, their fight will be successful and the president’s apparent mission to put the United States in harm’s way will be finished.

H/T The Daily Caller

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