SPREAD IT: Little Known Google Data Indicates LANDSLIDE for Trump… Let’s CRUSH the Liberals!

A friend of mine recently asked me if I had ever seen a Hillary Clinton yard sign in real life. After giving it some thought, I realized that the answer to that question was no. I searched Google for Trump terms and was surprised by the results.

Without giving out my address, let’s just say that I live in a very blue state. Shockingly, I have never actually seen any houses showing support for Hillary Clinton. After realizing this, I decided to fire up Google and see what the data looks like.

First off, I wanted to see which candidate was getting more searches. Not surprisingly, Donald Trump is absolutely crushing it in search frequency. By just how much? Almost three times as much!


Granted, average monthly searches are not an indicator as to who is going to win the election. However, it does show just how important it is to have a totally unbiased search engine that does not favor one candidate over another.

Next, I wanted to compare how often people were googling the phrases “Clinton sign” and “Trump sign”. As expected, Trump is destroying Hillary in campaign sign searches as well.


Obviously, not everyone who looks up political signs are going to purchase them. But, it’s pretty obvious that Trump has more people interested in supporting his movement versus the number of people Hillary has supporting her … turn? Regardless, let’s take a look at presidential sign searches over the years and see which candidates ended up winning.

Kerry vs Bush 2004


Obama vs McCain 2008


Obama vs Romney 2012


One thing that I found interesting was that Romney did have a slight edge over Obama in sign searches. Although, if the Trump versus Hillary sign searches resemble anything like the 2008 election, Hillary Clinton is going to lose and she’s going to lose big time.

Moving on, let’s take a look at a few more related search phrases to see if they could indicate a landslide for Trump. The theme we’re going to be looking at here is merchandise searches.

Hillary’s Keyword Data


Trump’s Keyword Data


First off, I find it hilarious that “Hillary for prison shirt” is getting more searches than “Hillary bumper sticker”. The fact that Hillary can hardly get people to organically search for her merchandise should be a pretty telling sign that the general population really has no support for Hillary Clinton. The one thing that we know for certain is that not many people are buying her shit.

Trump may be destroying Hillary in merchandise and slogan searches, but what other search terms could help indicate a Trump landslide? Before I move on to that, I just want you to take a look at the line graph for slogan searches. Hillary’s low energy, “I’m with Her” slogan has barely seen a blip of growth compared to Make America Great Again.


How pathetic! The next area I looked into was what the data looks like for how often people are Googling “Clinton rally,” “Trump rally,” and I even threw in “Sanders rally” just for fun. As you can imagine, Trump blows Crooked Hillary out of the water. But, what about Sanders? He had thousands of passionate people lining up to see him too, right?


I’m well aware that just because people are Googling “Trump rally” it doesn’t necessarily mean they will attend. However, “Trump rally near me” is more popular than both Hillary and Bernie combined. Sorry, Hillary … no one wants to even hear you speak.

In conclusion, I had one more phrase that I wanted to examine: “policies”. Except — this time — I wanted to tweak my search settings to get data from each state individually. The conclusion I drew was that the phrase “Trump’s policies” was not just a more popular search in each swing state, but in every state in the union. The closest to comparable results was Virginia.


Obviously, just because Trump yields more hit results doesn’t mean people will like his polices better. I contend the most interesting thing to take away from the above image is that Hillary’s policies have lost significant interest over time.

Finally, I’m unsure if Google’s data may indicate a landslide for Trump. I’m only confident that people — since Obama has taken office — are bound to be butt hurt by the end of this election.


H/T: Regated


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