SPREAD THIS: Cops Shoot and Kill UNARMED White Male… Where’s the Outrage? (VIDEO)

The Black Lives Matter movement has blamed cops and white people for the death of blacks who have had run-ins with the police, and they have used those deaths as evidence of some sort of systemic effort to devalue the lives of black people.

In the aftermath of cop-involved deaths of two black men in Louisiana and Minnesota this week, liberals have been screaming “injustice” and “racism.” But there’s one important fact that no one in the BLM group or the liberal media wants to acknowledge — white people are killed by cops, too.

In fact, on June 25 an unarmed, teenage male was killed by police officers in Fresno, California, after he refused to obey orders and resisted arrest. Why haven’t you heard about this on the news? Why haven’t you been bombarded on social media with calls for justice? The answer is quite simple — the 19-year-old victim was white.

Watch video footage of the shooting here:

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