SPREAD THIS: Doing These 5 Things Could Get YOU Placed on Obama’s Secret Gun Ban List

Democrats are hard at work exploiting the dead to advance their professional political goals in the wake of Sunday morning’s tragic attack on the Orlando nightclub.

With direct efforts to ban guns all but dead in a Republican Congress, Democrats are using the attack to move forward the use of a list that would prevent gun ownership of otherwise law-abiding citizens, modeled after the “no-fly list.”

Here are five ways you could end up on that list and see your Second Amendment rights denied you by the federal government that exists for the purpose of protecting them:

1.Facebook and Twitter Posts

A March 2013 “Watchlisting Guidance” document published by the National Counterterrorism Center warned fellow government bureaucrats that certain posts on social media could be considered as a path to prevent the purchase of firearms by innocent citizens and therefore the loss of their gun rights.

In other words, the federal government isn’t interested only in impinging upon your Second Amendment rights; your right to free speech under the First Amendment is in its sights, too.

2.Submission of names from the public

The government is opening the list up to the public for submission of neighbors, co-workers, friends or whomever.

You may want to make sure you don’t do anything to upset your neighbor. And if that guy at work uses the break room microwave to warm up his fish again, you might not want to say anything this time.

3.Government mistake

The “no-fly list” has far more mistakes than success stories. Documented cases against the federal government for mistakes that have landed people on the list have resulted in what the feds call a “state secrets privilege,” resulting in no action taken to prevent the government from making these kinds of errors.

4.Similarity of names

Think you’re safe if you have a traditional American sounding name? Think again.

Robert Johnson of Canada made it impossible for at least six people with that name to fly, according to a “60 Minutes” report airing in 2006.

5.Excessive travel

Anyone engaging in a trip to an exotic location could be flagged. Family members visiting relatives, missionaries and doctors doing volunteer work could find themselves disarmed.

H/T Independent Journal

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