State Department Releases Photo That 1st Made Them Suspicious Of Hillary…

Presumed Democrat presidential nominee Hillary Clinton is a professional at keeping secrets and telling lies, as even the State Department came close to admitting when it released the photo of Clinton that first raised suspicions that she might have been using a private email account as secretary of state.

According to the testimony of Karin Lang in a deposition regarding a lawsuit filed by watchdog group Judicial Watch on Wednesday, department officials were told that Clinton was not using a government email address when she became secretary of state in 2009, reported The Hill.

Lang is director of the Executive Secretariat staff, the group responsible for State Department record keeping.

Officials at the State Department became suspicious when a photo of Clinton wearing sunglasses and using a Blackberry in 2012 was released, Lang said. Below is the photo that piqued the State Department’s curiosity:

Clinton on Blackberry

Lang said Clinton did not use an official email account, but no one ever thought to ask whether she might be using a personal account. Why no one thought to ask that obvious question is mind-blowing and suggestive of how the federal government operates on a daily basis — but that was only the tip of the iceberg of federal incompetence.

Lang, director of the executive secretariat staff at the State Department, testified that when the photo surfaced in the media, Clarence Finney checked with the IT office to confirm whether the former first lady did not have a e-mail account. Because she was using a private email server housed in her home, the answer was still no.

During the interview, Lang confirmed that the department was depending on Clinton’s word and that of Huma Abedin that the State Department had all of their work-related emails. However, it did not know this for sure.

“The department is relying on the representations of these former employees,” Lang said.

This is insane. Clinton cannot be trusted and the State Department believing it can depend on her word is an insult to our intelligence. She and Abedin have conspired avoid the truth regarding the matter of Clinton’s private email server from day one.

How this woman isn’t behind bars already is stupefying.

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