State Dept.: Whoops! We can’t find any of the emails between Hillary and her top I.T. guy!

Totally benign clerical error.

We’re sure there’s nothing to see here. After dragging its heels during virtually every single stage of the Clinton email investigation, after deleting, destroying, wiping and then re-finding countless supposedly lost Clinton communication, the State Department is at it again.  Through a totally-innocent-and-not-at-all-suspicious set of circumstances, they’ve “lost” all of Hillary’s communications with her top I.T. staffer.

From ABC:

The State Department said today it can’t find Bryan Pagliano’s emails from the time he served as Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s senior information technology staffer during her tenure there.

Pagliano would have been required to turn over any official communications from his work account before he left the government. State Department officials say he had an official email account, but that they can’t find any of those records he would have turned over and continue to search for them.

“The Department has searched for Mr. Pagliano’s email pst file and has not located one that covers the time period of Secretary Clinton’s tenure,” State Department spokesman Elizabeth Trudeau said today, referencing a file format that holds email.

Aw shucks. We’re sure they really tried.

Pagliano, you’ll recall, is the staffer at the center of the whole private server flap. He’s the guy who set up Hillary’s “just for convenience” basement system.

Pagliano was responsible for setting up the now-infamous private server in the basement of the Clinton’s home in Chappaqua, New York. He has since become a key witness in the FBI inquiry into the handling of sensitive material on that server and has been granted immunity by the Justice Department in exchange for his cooperation.

In other words, these messages would be highly illustrative of whatever it was he and Hillary were trying to accomplish.

“Such records might shed light on his role in setting up Clinton’s server, and why he was granted immunity by the FBI. But it seems that his emails were either destroyed or never turned over, adding yet another layer to the secrecy surrounding his role.”

Secrecy? In the ‘most transparent administration’ in history!?  Perish the thought.  This is clearly just another benign clerical error that the vast right-wing conspiracy will exploit to make it look as though poor Hillary has done something untoward. Ignore it.  She’s completely trustworthy.  You know that because she told you she was.

If you’re not buying the insanely implausible notion that this is mere coincidence, congratulations.  You’re not alone.

The idea that anyone, anywhere would try to mount a plausible defense of Hillary’s situation is simply laughable.  If you’re one of those who are still trying to pretend there’s “nothing to see here,” you’re either an unconscionable sycophant, or you’ve sold your soul and honor to the DNC.  There’s simply no other answer.

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