STUNNING New Polls Just Confirmed All Of Hillary’s Nightmares To Be Real…She’s In For A War

The bad news just keeps piling up for Democrat nominee in waiting, Hillary Clinton.

Not only has she been unable to shake off a tenacious challenge from Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders — who’s now threatening the entire party he’s trying to represent — she’s also watching her once-comfortable lead in national polls over her likely Republican opponent in the fall turn into a deficit.

According to a Rasmussen “White House Watch” poll, billionaire businessman Donald Trump leads Clinton by 42 percent to 37 percent; and this new survey released Thursday is no outlier.

The latest Fox News poll is also favoring Trump. In addition, it shows the former first lady isn’t even in first place in what should be a core constituency.

According to the Fox poll released Wednesday, the likely Republican nominee has jumped into a lead over Clinton among voters nationally by 45 to 42 percent. That’s just within the poll’s 3-point margin of error, so it’s a statistical tie, but as Fox News puts it, that’s a big turnaround from this time last month, when the poll showed Clinton comfortably ahead with a 48-41 lead.

Clinton is well ahead among minorities, of course. Black voters haven’t shaken their cultural suicide pact with the Democrat Party. Hispanics, too, are still buying the party line, by and large.

But Trump leads among whites overall by 55-34 percent. And here’s the real kicker: He’s tromping Hillary among white women by 9 percentage points. That has to be hurting the former secretary of state who has played the woman card throughout her campaign to become the nation’s first female president.

And it might mean Trump has an opening in a demographic group Democrats love to claim as their own. He’s already shown he’s willing to attack on that ground; expect that to pick up as the campaign goes on.

Meanwhile, Sanders actually beats Trump 46-42 in the Fox News poll. The Clinton machine is determined to win the nomination — and has the party’s anti-democratic “superdelegates” sewn up no matter what the voters do in primaries. But since the Fox poll shows 1 in 10 Sanders supporters will defect to Trump in the general election, it might be a Pyrrhic victory.

There is one area that shows the former secretary of state solidly ahead of the New York businessman — and it might be one reason so many voters remain open to an independent presidential bid.

In a Fox News poll question about which candidate is more corrupt, Clinton won hands down, 49 to 37 percent.

That’s one time Trump might not mind being in second place.

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