Subversive George Soros Is Funding Massive “Civil Disobedience Actions”

Where is the media on George Soros? His name should be in the media every day in response to his subversive activities. He is trying to take down our Capitalist system.

George Soros, who is funding Hillary Clinton’s campaign, is also funding an anti-Trump mega-protest with his violent AFL-CIO union thug friends. Imitating the profoundly unsuccessful Arab Spring, this leftist group is calling itself Democracy Spring.

Thousands of the most radical groups will march from the Liberty Bell in Pennsylvania to D.C. in “one of the largest civil disobedience actions” in US history.

We can expect the same participants who created utter chaos in Chicago to include the Revolutionary Communist Party, MoveOn (which is the Soros-funded group behind this), Occupy, Black Lives Matter, unions and so on. A total of 115 labor unions will attend and it’s likely Bill Ayers will be there with his Marxist-Leninist friends.

They plan to spark a “fire that transforms the political climate in America” by taking over the Capitol building.

This march of leftists will begin in April and will go on for ten days.

So far, they claim 2,000 of these revolutionaries have signed up and the organization is holding training sessions.

Having been to Occupy and having seen the training sessions there, I can tell you that people are instructed to start trouble so police especially look bad. They want photo-ops.

They like to say that the purpose of this march of radicals is to restore democracy but they mean socialism ahead of the 2016 election.

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