Sunday Poll Shocker: Trump EXPANDS lead against Cruz and Kasich, maj. of voters want him as nominee regardless of delegates

Sunday Poll Shocker: Trump expands his GOP lead against Cruz and Kasich according to both the Reuters and IPSOS polling company, catapulting him into record heights.

The national online poll from April 4-8 showed that 42 percent of Republicans support Trump, compared with 32 percent for Cruz and 20 percent for Kasich.

Trump has topped the poll of Republican voters since July, though his lead narrowed considerably in recent weeks as Trump retweeted unflattering pictures of Cruz’s wife and his campaign manager was charged with battery in an incident involving a reporter at a campaign event.


Welcome to Trump’s “rotten boroughs,” the curious places where mere handfuls of voters (relatively speaking) are keeping him in the hunt for the 1,237 delegates required to clinch the GOP nomination. And the quirks of the Republican National Committee’s delegate math — the ones once considered a safeguard against an upsetting of the party order by an insurgent like Trump — will take on a more pronounced role as the GOP contest enters its late stages.

Five Thirty Eight is stunned Trump can be winning, but the voters have spoken.

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