SURPRISE ATTACK: Dems Scream “Shame” on House Floor After GOP’s Epic Anti-LGBT Move

In a surprise attack on President Barack Obama’s advancement of the gay agenda, dozens of House Republicans switched their votes on an important LGBT agenda bill, defeating it at the last possible moment.

According to Associated Press (via Newsmax), the Thursday vote was on a rider that would have prohibited tax dollars from being used to violate an executive order issued by President Obama that would prohibit discrimination against LGBT employees by government contractors.

New York Democrat Rep. Sean Patrick Maloney had added the rider to a regular spending bill. While it looked to be on its way to passing, the Republicans who changed sides helped defeat it by the narrowest of margins, 213-212.

Democrats yelled “shame!” and accused the GOP of keeping voting open long enough for the Republican representatives to change their votes, an allegation House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy of California strongly denied.

It is likely that had the rider passed, tax dollars could not be given to federal contractors who didn’t have transgender bathroom policies like the ones that the Obama administration recently “decreed” that schools must abide by.

In that instance, of course, Obama had the Department of Justice issue a statement along with the decree, just in case you didn’t realize what would happen to those localities or states that chose not to follow the administration’s “guidance.”

While the Democrats were yelling “shame” at Republicans, let me tell you what the real shame is — the fact that the president believes he can rule undemocratically because it furthers his agenda.

Both the action that this rider was appended to address as well as the Department of Education’s “guidance” on transgender bathrooms were profoundly undemocratic. Neither one went through Congress, yet the latter was backed up with the force DOJ thuggery and the former was being backed up with a preposterous rider.

Way to stand up against the shame of Barack Obama’s undemocratic executive actions, congressional Republicans. We can only hope this is just the beginning, because this should have happened long ago.

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