Target Bosses Defend Bathroom Policy, Then Panic When They See Who’s in Parking Lot

Target may believe that its transgender bathroom policy is “inclusive,” but that hasn’t stopped plenty of Americans from feeling excluded. Now, one group has taken its frustrations with the retail giant to where it hurts most — outside their stores.

The Child Protection League has launched a new “Flush Target” campaign using a tractor-trailer truck. The truck, which featured an image of a little girl being confronted by a burly man in a bathroom stall, read, “What about her rights to privacy and protection?”

According to WCCO-TV, the Child Protection League was planning to visit all 75 of the chain’s stores in the retail giant’s home state of Minnesota, parking the giant truck in the parking lot.

It made its first appearance, however, outside the state office building in St. Paul on Monday.

“Send Target a message — don’t shop where women and children’s emotional and physical safety and privacy are under assault,” Minnesota chair of the Child Protection League Julie Quist told reporters.

“I don’t feel safe knowing that at Target a 6-foot, 5-inch, 250-pound man can follow me into a bathroom and store employees won’t do anything about it,” said Claire Chretien, one of the organizers of the campaign.

Target CEO Brian Cornell has inexplicably compared his decision to let anyone who so desires — including sexual predators — use the bathroom of their choice with the civil rights movement. He also pointed out that Target had used African-American models in the 1960s when most chains wouldn’t.

“We want to make sure we provide a welcoming environment for all of our guests, one that is safe and one that’s comfortable, and that’s our commitment over time,” Cornell said last week.

However, not everyone seems to share Cornell’s enthusiasm.

First there’s Wall Street, which hasn’t been happy with the press the retail giant’s been getting. They’ve knocked the company’s value down a cool $4 billion since the controversy began.

And then there’s the customers, who both like to be safe and don’t like being unsubtly compared to anti-civil rights bigots like George Wallace and Orville Faubus because of said desire to avoid sexual assaults. Over 1.2 million have signed a petition by the American Family Association pledging to boycott Target until the chain changes their bathroom policy.

Sorry, Mr. Cornell. If you wish to welcome sexual predators into your bathrooms, this is what happens.

H/T Breitbart

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