Ted Cruz BLAMES Donald Trump for BRUSSELS Terrorist Attack

Ted Cruz, the opportunist, shows up again. Instead of saying anything about radical Islamists, ISIS, need for better vetting and assimilation, or even praying for the victims ——

He plays political games before the bodies are cold. He says “oh well isn’t it funny NATO HQ city was bombed and Trump yesterday said NATO expenses should be split more evenly, instead of US taxpayers shouldering all the financial burden. He ‪#‎lying‬ now when he said “Trump wants us to end NATO and withdraw from it”. The lies from this man are unreal. Trump explained the plan on CNN with Wolf Blitzer. Ted has flat out lied.

This guy couldn’t be more of a phony and a creep. I thought he was a “Christian”? Try praying, Ted, before you start your McCarthy-esque snide little put downs. I hope he loses Utah for this attitude. Not a leader.

Ted Cruz blaming Donald Trump for the Brussels Terror Attack

This is something that I'd expect from John Kasich, but Ted Cruz??Ted Cruz blaming Donald Trump for the Brussels Terror Attack!

Posted by Ron Dwyer on Tuesday, March 22, 2016

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