Ted Cruz Comes to Trump’s Rescue, Makes BRILLIANT Move Against Media Over Leaked Video

Ted Cruz made an interesting comment yesterday on Twitter that appears to have him solidly in Trump’s camp, but that may not actually be the case.

In response to a question on Twitter, Cruz wanted to know why they waited so long to release the tapes…

I doubt this tape was just lying around and then someone randomly found it. As Cruz states, this was a strategic move to see what the public reaction would be to a scandal in the Trump camp.

While it definitely hurt Trump, he was able to flip it around and actually turn it into an attack against Hillary over Bills indiscretions.

However, his tweet also brings to light another concern in that The Apprentice producer says they have more and worse.

I have to wonder what bombshells lie ahead for Trump over the next three weeks. Trump no doubt knows if they have anything and will be ready for it, but it is a matter of the timing if he can recover from it.

I would expect there is a lot of backroom banter on tapes that Trump never even thought about when he was filming the show. He was just being one of the boys and someone happened to have a tape rolling.

This was also a reality show that depended on shock value for its success, so I would imagine there is plenty of questionable conversations and details being discussed that can be twisted into making Trump look like some type of maniac.

The danger, though, as liberals found out last night, is that when Trump’s comments go on the block, so does everything Bill did.

Now, my original point, that Cruz may be up to something here. Why did he even mention The Apprentice producer in his tweet having more rather than just saying they had the tape for 11 years and released it now.

Because I may never be able to trust Cruz, I have to wonder if there are some sour grapes that had these tapes been released before, he might have gotten the nomination.

I also have to wonder if he was putting that out there hoping someone would now dig and put pressure on that producer to release all of those tapes and force Trump to step down if they are “much worse” as Cruz claims.

Methinks there might be another snake in the grass here. Be very careful patriots, because I don’t think we have heard the last of this yet!

H/T: Angry Patriot Movement

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