Ted Cruz takes a verbal beating on Facebook

The recent team-up with Kasich to try and screw Trump out of his nomination might have been the final straw for Cruz. On facebook a lot of his supporters are tee’ing off on his decision with verbal berating.

truthfeed.com reports: From the backlash he’s receiving on Facebook, it appears that many of Ted’s supporters are not pleased with his latest scam.

“I supported you because I believed you were an outsider, boy was I wrong!” scorched one Facebook user. “John Kasich is a progressive loser. Why are you working with him???” bellowed another.

In light of Ted’s latest anti-American stunt, many Facebook users have vowed to back Trump instead. “Ted, you just lost my vote. I guess I’ll support Trump. At least he’s not playing games” commented a one-time Cruz supporter.

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