Ted Cruz’s Father Just Said Something Appalling When Comparing Hillary and Trump

The father of Sen. Ted Cruz said in a interview published Tuesday that former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton would be a better choice for president of the United States than Donald Trump.

Rafael Cruz, who has been very active on the campaign trail for his son, told Breitbart that the billionaire businessman “would be worse than Hillary Clinton” as president.

“We’ve got to realize, Donald Trump is more of a Democrat than a Republican,” Cruz said. “He has been funding Democrats like [New York Sen.] Chuck Schumer, like Sen. Harry Reid, like Anthony Weiner, like [New York Mayor Bill] de Blasio and many others.”

The elder Cruz, an evangelist, added, “For 40 years he has been supporting all these ultra-liberal politicians. He would be worse than Hillary Clinton, but he cannot beat Hillary Clinton. … Polls show that Donald Trump would lose and would lose by a landslide.”

Cruz doubts that the GOP front-runner will reach the 1,237 delegates he needs to secure the Republican nomination prior to the convention, and if he does not, the father of Trump’s closest GOP rival does not believe Trump will win it Cleveland.

Not surprisingly, the elder Cruz thinks he knows who the winner will be. “I believe that my son will get the nomination, if not by the second ballot, maybe by the third ballot. As we get into the convention and delegates are released, we’ll see Sen. Cruz’s support increase more and more. And I am convinced that he will get the nomination,” Cruz said. (Read more from “Ted Cruz’s Father Just Said Something Appalling When Comparing Hillary and Trump” HERE)

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