Terror Expert Just Made Chilling Announcement About Obama, Confirms People’s Worst Fears …

Foreign policy and terrorism expert Patrick Poole made an alarming statement about the Obama administration’s counterterrorism efforts, saying its policies make it impossible to prevent terrorist attacks.

In an interview with The Daily Caller (WARNING: linked story contains explicit language), Poole also said the mass shooting early Sunday in Orlando, Florida, will not be “the last attack on U.S. soil we’ll see before the election.”

Referencing to the principles outlined in the administration’s Countering Violent Extremism doctrine, Poole stated they “border, if not pass, the line of criminal negligence.” This doctrine is used as a guideline as to how security operations are conducted.

Poole went on to assert that partisan politics and the incompetence of government officials are responsible for the flaws in White House policies.

He told The Daily Caller, “A lot of these people — I don’t want to say are dumb, they’re highly educated — they just have no f***ing idea what they’re talking about.”

Continuing, Poole said that when he hears government officials say they don’t want to make sweeping statements concerning Islamic law, his first response is, “what manuals of Islamic law, what Sharia have you actually read?” He adds, “They haven’t read any. That, in and of itself, is a professional failure to do their job.”

Poole contended most of the agency people don’t like to say something that may result in a phone call from the White House or get them uninvited to a cocktail party. He remarked, “The result of that, time and time again, is that we see dead people. People are dying because of this.”

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