TERROR: Russia And America Are Only Nations With Nuclear Subs…Until Now

President Barack Obama has spent the last several years trying to convince America that it hasn’t lost its military preeminence in the world. However, a recent report indicating that China may be about to deploy nuclear submarines armed with atomic weapons seems to completely refute that.

According to a recent report from the Pentagon (via The Daily Beast), China’s nuclear-powered Jin-class submarine was likely to deploy in 2016, after 35 years of development.

The sub was equipped with nuclear-tipped ballistic missiles, which would make China one of three countries in the world to have a nuclear “triad” — the other two being Russia and the United States.

What is a nuclear triad? It means that you have the means to launch nuclear weapons from land, sea and air at any time.

“The theory is that a diverse array of delivery systems creates survivability by complicating a first strike,” said Jeffrey Lewis, an expert on nuclear geopolitics with the James Martin Center for Nonproliferation Studies.

The conventional theory goes that any country that can attack with an atomic weapon from all three cannot be reasonably disarmed in a first strike, which means they can hit back — and therefore, likely will not be attacked at all.

Given China’s expansion in the South China Sea and its recent harassment of American aircraft, that becomes all the more disturbing.

A Jin-class submarine.

A Jin-class submarine.

Nuclear submarines are the most difficult part of the triad, if only because of the difficulty in both getting the nuclear drive and the ballistic missiles working. However, once operability is achieved, a nuclear sub can patrol for months nearly undetected, unleashing its deadly payload at any moment.

It doesn’t even have to be near America’s coastline, either. A Jin-class submarine equipped with up to 12 JL-2 rockets — range 4,500 miles — could strike anywhere in the United States from a position in the central Pacific Ocean.

China has already built four Jin-class submarines, according to the report, with four more planned. And while they haven’t been sent out to sea on a mission yet, the Pentagon admitted that “China will probably conduct its first SSBN nuclear deterrence patrol sometime in 2016.”

This, of course, is what Donald Trump has been saying all along — that we’re losing military superiority to countries like China and Russia. President Obama denies it. Yet his own Pentagon admits that China is about to complete the atomic triad and his administration is powerless to stop it.

It’s becoming blatantly obvious that America is falling farther behind in terms of military might thanks to Obama’s policies. Please like and share on Facebook and Twitter if you agree.

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