The 5 Stooges Who Ruined Their “Conservative” Careers By Joining “NeverTrump”

There was a time when people like Glenn Beck, Mark Levin, and Erick Erickson were powerful voices within the Conservative movement. That was BT or “Before Trump,” when most American Conservatives were asleep at the wheel and operating on status quo neo-conservative autopilot, completely unaware that the maverick radio voices we hailed as rebels, were actually globalist shills-for-hire.

The silent majority was silent because we were napping, however, Trump has awakened the slumbering giant and we’re hip to the globalist trick played upon us by so-called radio conservatives, politicians, media, and pundits, who subtly pepper falsehoods like, amnesty is good, trade is fine, debt is just part of life, and nation building is patriotic throughout their schtick.

Yes, the slumber is over and the “alt right” is gleefully humming a tune commonly blasted at Trump rallies.

“We’re not gonna take it….Anymore.”

One result of this “awakening,” is the downfall of several once powerful radio voices – men whose egos are so immense and selfish that the very essence of their global schtick TRUMPED ethics, honesty, and common sense.

They all have one thing in common – they each made the same mistake on the way to Irrelvence Island.

They joined NeverTrump.

Glenn Beck

Crazy Glenn Beck spent over half a million of his own dollars to try and get Ted Cruz elected. However, in the end – all the money, fasting, and nazi-namecalling added up to a big fat zero. Cruz failed, NeverTrump never mattered, and Beck’s “media empire” crumbled (like a plate of crushed Cheetos).


Ben Shapiro

Once revered as the future voice of conservatism, Ben Shapiro was a beacon of hope within the conservative movement. However, everything changed for Ben when he decided to go NeverTrump and throw his career out the window to defend proven liar, Michelle Fields (see stories here, here, and here).


Erick Erickson

The moment Erick Erickson started bashing Trump two things happened. Firstly, he started resembling a thumb and secondly his career fell apart. Erickson went from being hailed as a powerful voice of “conservatism” to huffing and puffing all over Twitter, bitching about Trump with fellow NeverTrump dropkick Rick Wilson (another talentless hack who looks like a thumb).

Screen Shot 2016-05-25 at 7.07.40 PM


Mark Levin

During the GOP primary we discovered that Mark Levin will support anyone as long as they promise to buy his dumb books. Levin went on a screaming-mimmy tirade for the last 3 months of Ted Cruz’s race to loserville, bashing Trump and proudly stating he was “NeverTrump.” Since then, Levin’s ratings have tanked.



Hugh Hewitt

Hugh Hewit looks like a cross between Phil Donahue, George McFly, and Justin Beiber. His claim to fame was trying to trip Tump up with a “gotcha” question about some preposterously unknown faction of the Iraqi Army. Since then he’s spent his time on the radio looking for ways to “help Hillary” and losing listeners.


Honorable mentions go to Rush Limbaugh and Dana Loesch.  Rush has never gone “full dumbo” and declared himself NeverTrump, although his actions have us wondering.  On the other hand, dopey Dana claims she’s not a NeverTrumper (she is) however, she warns us that “mean Trump supporters” may push her there.


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