The 7 Words Obama Just Said About Dallas Shooter Immediately Drops Jaws, Americans Are In Shock..

Barack Obama said ‘it’s very hard to untangle motives’ of Dallas shooter Micah X. Johnson, who killed five police officers at a Black Lives Matter rally.

Never mind that Johnson said he wanted to kill whites, especially white cops.

This man is deluded.

Is he trying to defend Johnson?

It’s always about race with Barack – and he’s in last place.

We will continue to see attacks on white cops by blacks if Obama doesn’t put his foot down.

How about telling the nation to not resist arrest when an officer is trying to do his job?

Obama knows the reason Johnson went crazy, but it doesn’t fit the narrative.

Black people can do no wrong in Obama’s America.

Whether a black man robs a convenience store like Mike Brown or murders cops in cold blood, the black man is never at fault.

Ain’t that some s***?

How about standing with law enforcement right now, Mr. Golf Clubs?

Give it a shot.

However, 44 is dumb like a fox. He wants to see a race war in America to make sure, once and for all, this country pays for its past sins involving slavery.

Thing is, no one alive today (nor our parents or grandparents) played a part in slavery whatsoever.

Tell me Obama loves the USA, liberals. Do it with a straight face.

Headline: Western Journalism

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