The BEST Response Yet To Obama’s Orlando Speech Just Came From Her – “No ‘We’ Don’t…”

In remarks Monday following the massacre at a gay nightclub in Orlando, Florida, President Obama said the country must do “some soul searching” about how easy it is for terrorists to get guns.

To many it sounded like Obama was unconcerned with the ideology behind the attack — radical Islam — but instead focused on gun control.

“We need to do some soul searching. … The point is, if we have self-radicalized individuals in this country, then they are going to be very difficult oftentimes to find ahead of time. And how easy it is for them to obtain weapons is in some cases going to make a difference as to whether they’re able to carry out attacks like this or not,” Obama said.

Cue Dana Loesch, who fired back at the president for completely missing the point.

The talk show host, who is a strong supporter of the Second Amendment, unleashed a series of tweets that mockingly started with the phrase “we need to do some soul searching.”

“‘We need to do some soul searching’ says the president who gave guns to Mexican drug cartels and Garland Islamic terrorist Nadir Soofi.”

“‘We need to do some soul searching’ says the president who released terrorists back to the battlefield to kill our troops.”

Loesch continued tweeting similar statements, ranging from illegally possessed gun crime prosecutions plummeting under Obama, to the administration cutting arms deals with countries that punish homosexuality with death.

She said the American people don’t need to do any soul searching — the Islamic terrorists are the ones who do.

h/t: Independent Journal

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