The Clintons Will Get Your Loved One Freed From An Iranian Prison… There’s Just 1 Huge Catch

Nima Taghavi was frustrated with his father Reza’s detainment in an Iranian prison for what the Iranians said was terrorist activity.

He finally was able to free his dad, whom he maintained was innocent — but not before forking over $1 million in donations to the Clinton Foundation.

Taghavi originally hired former George W. Bush ambassador and U.S. Attorney Pierre-Richard Prosper to try to find a way to persuade the Iranians to free his jailed father.

After those negotiations failed, Taghavi tried something different. He paid $12,000 to a lobbyist group called Profile Strategy Group. Then he used political connections to secure a meeting with former President Bill Clinton.

A $5,000 donation from the Nima Taghavi Foundation was then made as a kind of down payment for Clinton’s support. Shortly after the Clinton meeting, Reza was freed from Iran.

Over the next few years, the foundation would give over $1 million to Clinton.

Reza had been captured by authorities in 2008 after giving $200 to a man with ties to a terrorist group found to be responsible for a mosque bombing in Shiraz. Nima said that his father was innocent of supporting terror, insisting that he was only doing a favor for a friend and had no knowledge of any connection to terrorism or the bombing.

At least three questions remain: Did Hillary Clinton know that he husband had met with Nima Taghavi about getting his father released from an Iranian prison? Did the secretary of state apply any pressure on Iran to release the prisoner? And did Bill Clinton solicit donations the The Clinton Foundation from Nima Taghavi despite an agreement with the federal government that he would not do so during his wife’s tenure as secretary?

So far, those questions remain unanswered. But you know the Clintons; what do you think happened?

H/T The Daily Caller

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