The Democratic Party’s Rigged System Runs Far Beyond Debbie Wasserman Schultz

In one of the most unprecedented developments in modern political history, the Democrat National Committee has gotten rid of its chair, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, just as the Democratic National Convention gets underway in Philadelphia.

I know Debbie. And I know firsthand how hard being a party chair can be. But when the leadership of the Democrat Party, inside the DNC or outside of it, is rigging the system in favor of Hillary Clinton, this kind of outcome is inevitable.

Party committees are supposed to be steadfastly neutral in their relationship to the candidates. Donald Trump referred to me as Mr. Switzerland during the primary because it’s my job to not choose sides among our candidates.

The Democrat Party, on the other hand, embraces an approach to politics which has stacked the deck against Bernie Sanders and secretly aided Hillary Clinton.

Just look at all the furtive dealings which have gone on at the DNC this cycle to put Clinton over the top and keep Bernie down.

DNC communications staffers were plotting how to create a hit piece on how disorganized the Sanders campaign was.

Another idea from their communications team was to get constituents to call Sanders’ religious views into question.

Do we really want the Democrats in power if they’re going to use one of their own candidate’s religious beliefs as a weapon against him?

And if there is any remaining doubt how much the DNC put their finger on the scale for Hillary, Wasserman Schultz was named an honorary co-chair for the Clinton campaign just hours after being let go from the DNC.

Clearly the struggle for unity within the Democrat party has intensified because of double standards and favoritism.

Millions of grassroots Democrats have had enough of the Democrat establishment rigging the system for Hillary Clinton. They’re tired of the Democrat status quo calling the shots and tuning them out. Many of those who are upset are right here in Philadelphia, and they will not be satisfied by one person’s resignation. The problem isn’t going to stop just because Debbie Wasserman Schultz was shown the door.

Clinton needed hundreds of unelected superdelegates to get across the finish line for the nomination. Compare that to the RNC delegate allocation process, which lets the grassroots choose the nominee, not party bosses.

The smoking gun which points to a rigged system is the outcome of the FBI investigation into Clinton’s secret email server. The Justice Department was never going to bring charges against Hillary Clinton because her presidential bid for Obama’s third term was just too precious to jeopardize.

Ultimately, the problems the Democrats are having bigger than the Chairwoman of the DNC and her aides. They are ideological. In disregard of the grassroots, the Democrat modus operandi is to empower party insiders to make the decisions they think are best for everyone else.

This mentality isn’t confined to elections, it also trickles into Democrat governing philosophy. In defiance of the American people, Democrats ram bloated, unpopular, big government legislation like ObamaCare and Dodd-Frank through Congress and then empower unaccountable bureaucrats who think they know better than the American people to administer it. President Obama disregards the Constitution to impose a radical immigration agenda which the Supreme Court thankfully threw out. It’s just the Democrat way to let the insiders run the show.

The American people have had enough of having their voice silenced, and this election is our chance to put a stop to it.

Debbie Wasserman Schultz tried to prop up Hillary Clinton’s candidacy by pulling the strings for her at the DNC. The email leaks revealed how cozy with the Clinton campaign the DNC really was. But she took the fall for a problem much bigger than herself: a rigged system Democrats are desperate to protect.

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