The DISGUSTING Thing Kennedy Family Just Got Caught Doing At July 4 Party…

Not content to just attack him on MSNBC and in social media, the Kennedy clan took turns bashing a Donald Trump piñata during a recent get-together at their Hyannis Port compound.

Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s daughter, Kathleen – also known as “Kick,” posted a photo of the Trump piñata from a family party this weekend.


‘It’s yuge party!,’ she wrote in the caption of the Instagram post, which also showed some of her family members milling about in the background.

She later deleted the Instagram post just before 11am on Monday, the Daily Mail is reporting.

The post was liked by a number of Kick’s famous friends including Glenn Close, Hardball host Chris Matthews’ son Thomas, model turned E! reality star Jessica Joffe, singer Santigold and publishing heiress Anne Hearst, who commented on the photo: ‘Is that a piñata? Very funny.’


Former New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg’s daughter Georgina also liked the post as did Jamie Johnson, who produced and directed the 2003 documentary Born Rich about children born into wealthy families.

Ivanka Trump was one of the stars of the documentary, as was Georgina.

Georgina, who said in 2015 that she would likely vote for Hillary Clinton, spoke about Trump in an interview earlier this year, saying: ‘I’ve learned to separate the politician from the man, because it’s something I always had to do with my father.’

She then added while speaking with W Magazine: ‘Donald Trump and his family have always been very close [to me]. I’m good friends with his kids. I was not looking forward to having to watch our fathers go against each other.’


Bloomberg had been looking at a third party run earlier this year but ditched the idea after Clinton began to pull ahead of rival Bernie Sanders in the polls, afraid that if he ran against Clinton and Trump it would end with the Republican nominee winning the race.

Georgina said she was relieved when she learned her father was no longer considering a run for the highest office in the land.

‘I obviously think he would have been great at it, and I would have been very supportive of him entering it,’ she explained.

‘But as his daughter, I am very grateful he did not enter it just because I’ve been through campaigns and the mud-slinging before on a much smaller level, and it was not something I was really looking forward to being involved with on a much larger level.

‘When you watch the news, you can’t sit there and think, “Wow I’d love one of my parents to be involved in that fight.”‘

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