The end is a lot closer for Cruz than we thought

In ten days, April 26th, if calculations are correct, it will be mathematically impossible for Cruz to win. reports: As we noted on the 2nd, “Even if Cruz wins a third of the delegates in Rhode Island or Connecticut or any of these states, it will not be enough to keep him mathematically in the race.”

Now it looks like Cruz will not only be mathematically eliminated from obtaining enough delegates to win the election outright by April 26th, he may also have fallen to third place in the polls by the end of April, too.

Based on current conservative estimates, come April 26th, Cruz will need 657 delegates to win the election but only 585 will be left leaving him mathematically out of the race.

Trump will only need 279 delegates or less than 50% of the delegates remaining to win the nomination.

And according to our conservative estimates – Trump should gain 1237 delegates by June 7th making him the Republican nominee.


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