The Epic Thing Trump Does for Female Employees That Hillary Would Never Dream Of

An investigation by a top American daily newspaper revealed that presumptive GOP nominee Donald Trump’s female employees make more than Democrat front-runner Hillary Clinton’s female employees.

“The women who work for Trump … made an average of about $4,500 in April,” reported The Boston Globe. “The women working for Clinton … took home an average of $3,710.”

The investigation also revealed that male employees working for Trump make more than their female counterparts — and that the presumptive nominee has a larger share of male workers than female workers.

Likewise, The Globe discovered that women working for Clinton make slightly less than their male counterparts but make up a larger share of employees.


Ultimately, all these numbers mean very little, since they contain no references to the employees’ actual job positions, qualifications or performance.

Suffice it to say, a top-performing lawyer or campaign manager should rarely earn the same amount as an average secretary or assistant, gender notwithstanding.

The truth is that hiring employees is a complicated process that rarely produces perfect 50/50 results. Conservatives understand this; liberals do not.

So the next time a liberal stooge tries to smear Trump as a sexist, just remind the nitwit that the billionaire candidate pays his female employees $790 more than Clinton pays hers.

When the liberal know-nothing then tries to argue that there must be extenuating circumstances that explain this discrepancy, simply point out that the exact same principle applies to Trump.

Also feel free to mention the myriads of testimonials from current or former female employees of Trump praising him for his professionalism and tact.

Ultimately, Trump is anything but a sexist. He is a renowned and respected businessman, whereas his opponent is little more than just another corrupt politician.

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