The EPIC Thing Trump Just Said About the Charlotte Riots Just Made America Cheer!

Donald Trump just summed up the Charlotte riots in the most presidential way ever with just 3 sentences!

“We honor and recognize the right of all Americans to peacefully assemble, protest and demonstrate, but there is no right to engage in violent disruption, or to threaten the public safety and peace of others.

Trump also pointed out that the violence is WORST for “law-abiding African-American residents who live in these communities where the crime is so rampant.”

But that does not mean he is simply brushing off all of the notions of BLM. Trump knows that cops and the communities both need to do better jobs so our country can be great.

“Every single American in our country is entitled to live in a safe community. The violence against our citizens and our law enforcement must be brought to a very rapid end.”

AMEN Donald Trump! I don’t think Martin Luther King Jr himself could have said it any better.


See? Trump is not a racist. He believes that ALL Americans should be succeeding, not trapped in an endless income loop that forces them to exist as government slaves.

If you support Trump’s plan and think he is exactly right about Charlotte, then share this out all over Facebook so people can see what a real leader looks like. I GUARANTEE a real leader does not look like this:


H/T: Liberty Writers News

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