THE FIX: Obama Admin Asks Fed Court To Take SHOCKING Measures To Cover Hillary

President Barack Obama State Department counselors have recently made known to a federal court of their incapability and unprofessional behavior of heir sector and continued by requiring a couple of more years to make the files that were originally due to the middle of this July.

VIA Conservative Tribune

According to The Hill, State Department lawyers just filed a motion with a federal court for a delay until October 2018 for a deadline to produce upwards of 14,000 documents and emails to former secretary of State Hillary Clinton from her several aides at the time.

Those documents, part of a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit filed by Citizens United, were supposed to be released July 21, as per a previous order from the court.

That lawsuit sought any and all information related to Hillary Clinton’s aides and the Clinton Family Foundation, as well as ties to a separate consulting firm known as Teneo, for whom Clinton aide Huma Abedin worked while simultaneously serving Clinton in the State Department, a likely violation of department rules and possibly laws pertaining to conflicts of interest.

In the filing, the lawyers essentially admitted to miscalculating the amount of time necessary to compile and process the many documents they must sort through. They also claimed that they may have overlooked relevant attachments to certain emails that had initially been labeled irrelevant and set aside without being thoroughly checked out.

By way of an excuse for this requested delay, the State Department has placed blame on the high number of FOIA requests and lawsuits filed against them over the past few years.

Left unsaid was the fact that they wouldn’t be struggling near as much to compile and sort through the relevant documents necessary to respond to the lawsuit if all of Hillary Clinton’s emails had been archived on a government server from the beginning, instead of only being partially turned over more than two years after she left office.

In truth, this is just further evidence of the incredible incompetence of the department, and could very well be an attempt at continuing to cover up potential criminal misdeeds and corruption by Hillary Clinton and her aides, as the documents wouldn’t be released until nearly two years into a theoretical Clinton administration if she wins November’s general election.

We can only hope that the judge will notify the State Department of their given options with the wanted postponement because voters in America have the right to know the truth about Hillary Clinton, her advisers, and the Clinton Foundation during her time as the nation’s main diplomat.

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