The GOP Now the Working Man’s Party

With rejection of globalism, Republicans become champion of American workers

Turn on the news, and you’ll be treated to nonstop talk of polling and voting blocs. The jabbering heads have numbers for black voters, Hispanic voters, young voters, old voters. They have numbers for every group imaginable — well, almost every group. The tragedy of polling is that the pollsters who choose which lines to divide us on aren’t very imaginative.

If I were a pollster, I would throw out tired, cliché identity groups and measure brand new identity groups like “people who wear hard hats all day every day,” “people whose feet hurt when they get home,” and “people who are stretching their paychecks and hoping they won’t snap.”

The party that will sell a cheap knock-off of the American dream to whoever will write them a check is and will continue to be the Democrats.

All those working folks we celebrate on Labor Day — they’re made up of every race, every income group, and every religion. How do they vote as a group? For good measure, let’s include everyone who wants a job but can’t find one. After all, it’s not John Q. Factory Worker’s fault that his job moved to a country with no labor laws.

Look at the tag on any piece of clothing you own, and you’ll see that there’s a war on American labor. My jeans were made in China, my shirt was made in Peru, and my shoes were made in Vietnam. Trying to shop for American-made apparel these days is like trying to find the guy who robbed Ryan Lochte.

The war on labor isn’t partisan — it’s being waged by the globalists against the American people. The American political pendulum isn’t swinging 1,000 miles an hour toward populism by chance. It’s swinging that way because populism is the other side of the elitist, globalist nightmare the pendulum is coming from.

American workers have toiled for years to build the greatest country with the greatest free market in the history of the world — now politicians are embracing globalist policies like free trade and open borders to give it all away. They think American exceptionalism was just floating around and happened to land on us. They think we didn't build that — but we did.

During the Gilded Age, companies exploited American workers. Wages were crazy low, work days were up to 18 hours long, and working conditions were the kind of horrible where pieces of worker wound up in the products being manufactured. This exploitation gave birth to the labor movement and eventually industry workers were able to collectively bargain for decent wages, hours, and working conditions.

But, thanks to globalist policies, we are now suffering the consequences of a new global Gilded Age. For years now, multinational corporations —and the politicians bouncing around in their pockets like loose change — have been punishing American workers for America's fair labor laws. Manufacturing is endangered and nearing extinction in the United States because people in China, Peru, and Vietnam will do it for almost nothing.

That's why the free trade deals like the Trans-Pacific Partnership always involve so many developing nations. That's how we create brand-new worker populations available for exploitation. Meanwhile, collective bargaining becomes obsolete because the textile worker in the U.S. can't exactly band together with his Chinese, Vietnamese, and Peruvian counterparts for negotiation purposes.

The fancy diploma-club, globalist elites often try to explain that our economy "evolved" into a service economy and the manufacturing jobs, like woolly mammoths and eight-track tapes, simply died out naturally. Wrong! Globalist politicians negotiated away our manufacturing jobs to developing countries and all we got were these lousy Peruvian T-shirts.

You'd think so-called progressives would be all for an American policy that says we won't trade with countries that don't have laws and regulations to protect their workers from exploitation. A policy like that would pressure developing countries into adopting humane labor laws, and it would allow American workers the opportunity to compete. The downside? It would hurt the bottom line of some very big companies.

For years, there was no American political party willing to stand up against the multinationals and their globalist agenda to protect the American worker. Now, Donald Trump, as the new leader of the GOP, has exposed the career politicians on both sides and is standing up for every American worker.

In 2016, it's clear the only party that will protect American workers by rejecting globalist policies is the Republican Party. The only party that will stand up to the multi-national corporations and make sure the American dream is available to every American dreamer is the Republican Party. The party that will sell a cheap knock-off of the American dream to whoever will write them a check is and will continue to be the Democrats.

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