The Jihadi Connection: Major Cruz Backer Took Over $300 Mil From Islamic Govt. To Print Propaganda

Senator Rafael Ted Cruz of Texas has a lot of big backers behind him. Born in a hospital in Calgary, Alberta, Canada and moving to Texas with his father as a boy, the son of a Cuban immigrant has come along way in life. He is poised to possibly become the first Canadian born President of the United States. And he has the backing of the entire Republican Establishment along the way. Anyone with a television would know that the only thing stopping the Senator from seizing the nomination is Donald Trump. And although Cruz has so many powerful backers they’re able to raise $31 million in one week, he still can’t quite stop Trump from defeating establishment influence and big money.

So what Cruz is counting on more than anything is Propaganda. Some of that propaganda is small and subtle. But one of his biggest supporters is the RINO blog RedState. is no stranger to controversy and pushing their agenda dictatorially. The site that was founded in 2004 has become one of Cruz’ biggest online backers, garnering millions  of visitors reading fake or slanted propaganda to push the Cruz machine. The founders and CEOs, a self described Mexican-American who wants open borders named Joshua Trevino, and Erick Erickson, a Louisiana son of an oil foreman failed online blogger/radio show host who shames Christians that support Donald Trump but once called a Supreme Court Justice a “goat f****** child molester,”  have pushed for Cruz more than any major blog on the internet. The third founder, Ben Domenech, left RedState to shill for the Washington Post, only to be forced to resign amidst a plagiarism scandal.

Redstate would ban any user in 2010 who supporter Ron Paul, and then continued their ban happy silly streak by banning Donald Trump from their site after one of his mot famous debate performances yet with Meghan Kelly.

Prime Minister Najib Rayak speaks with one of his ministers

Prime Minister Najib Rayak speaks with one of his ministers

RedState has built massive influence in the GOP Establishment. But what is rarely mentioned is a scandal that went nowhere, involving almost a half billion dollars and a radical Islamic Government ranked worse in Islamic influence in Government than even Syria that is in bed  with Co-founder  of RedState Joshua Trevino. Money which now fuels the Cruz propaganda machine. Redstate is so adamantly for Cruz securing the nomination and will go after so many supporters and  outlets of the silent majority supporting Trump, that they have even taken the time to slander itself, attempting to silence any pro-Trump piece by calling Prntly fake. But this “Jihadi Connnection,” which is enough to shake the entire Cruz campaign and bring the Cuban-Canadian juggernaut to a screeching halt, is completely factual, accurate, and sourced completely. Even Lyin’ Ted and his Media mouthpieces Fox News and Redstate can’t undo the truth with this.

The story goes to the Islamic Nation of Malaysia, an increasingly radicalized nation south of Thailand and above Indonesia in Southeast Asia. The government that is allowing Sharia Law across it’s land  and where it has become illegal for non-muslims to preach religion or face punishment of death while the law allows and encourages the conversion of non-muslims to Islam, actually Paid Redstate, the top media backer of Ted Cruz, $389 Million to push certain agendas for the Islamic State including media stories that discredit the democracy movement and resistance to implementing Sharia Law in Malaysia. You see while Malaysia is 61% Muslim, that still leaves 49% of the country being oppressed by the radical islamists taking over the government. The leader of that movement is named Anwar Ibrahim, the leader of Malaysia’s People’s Justice Party.

1Anwar was and is the biggest thorn in the side of the Islamic State in Malaysia. Prime Minister of Malaysia Najib Razak hated Anwar. In 2008, a 24 year old aide of Anwar Ibrahim came to police and said that the party opposition leader raped him, in an effort to bring back over a decade old accusation of sodomy against Anwar for having been in a consensual homosexual relationship with another man. Whether you believe in homosexuality or not, being gay should not demand a 14 year prison sentence, and that was what Anwar got until high courts overturned  the charge for being a politically motivated case fabricated in an attempt to destroy the credibility of the married man of 5 children. It was proven a false charges in the end anyway.

The newest accusations of this aide to Anwar was justifiably scrutinized by police. “How can a 63 year old man overpower a 24 year old and rape him?” they asked.. The accuser changed his accusation claiming it was consensual sodomy. The police were forced to press charges on both the men. Sodomy, even if consensual, is punishable by up to 20 years’ imprisonment and whipping under Section 377B of the Malaysian Penal Code. Anwar responded that the complaint was politically motivated and intended to discredit him, and called it a “complete fabrication” and asserted that he had an alibi. Anwar subsequently filed a lawsuit against Saiful. Anwar’s wife, Wan Azizah Wan Ismail, accused the government of orchestrating the allegations, and alleged that the government was behind the accusations. The case went to higher court but the case began to collapse under falsified evidence and broken links began to emerge that might of connected the accuser to powerful Islamist in the government who have things to gain from Anwar’s imprisonment. He won his appeal and freedom with the case being dismissed while the government prosecutors appealed the acquittal to the highest court.

Anwar Ibrahim in 2013 after beating the false charges against him by an aide paid by the Islamist Govt.So the Malaysian Islamic State paid Joshua Trevino money through a series of covert payments across the course of 3 years, all while Redstate’s influence in the GOP began to flourish, to ruin Anwar’s name and his movement in any way possible. The scandal was beginning to bring the attention of the west to the corruptions in the Islamist Government, attention that was not needed at a time when Sharia Law was secretly being pushed through the channels of law.

The money caused Redstate to became so powerful in the Washington Circles with the money funneling into the company even Rick Perry announced his Presidential campaign at the blog’s annual DC dinner in 2011. And Redstate used it’s web of writers in news outlets as big as the Huffington Post and Britain’s The Guardian to pump out as much information as possible to discredit the Democracy anti-Sharia movement in Malaysia. All while the government arrests Christians for possessing bibles and publicly discussing Christianity.

Trevino paid tens off thousands of dollars to a network of at least a dozen writers and steered them towards writing articles about figures in the pro-democracy and anti-sharia movement in Malaysia that were likely provided to him to smear by his Malaysian handlers, especially about Anwar. Even plagiarist co-founder Ben Domenech got in on the cut, writing two pieces with his free lance job at the San Francisco examiner titled “the search for moderate muslims” where he attempted to accuse major religious freedom muslims who were fighting to help protect the christian minorities in the country as anti-Semitic, because as we see from Redstate, the blog site has mastered what to call people (Example Donald Trump) in attempts to smear their name and turn crowds against them over fabricated or influenced information. The very people who were standing between Sharia Law in Malaysia and christian freedom were being tarnished in the west where they relied on support.

Now the Jihadi Connection is turning it’s sights to supporting and endorsing Ted Cruz. For some reason Redstate, which has no problem taking money from countries hostile to the ideas of America, seems to be willing to do whatever it takes to get Cruz the nomination. But just when you thought it couldn’t get any more fishy, when the news broke that Redstate had almost a dozen writers being paid blood money by the Malaysian Islamic Govt. to write prop Jihadist govt. pieces in the other news sites they write for like Huffington Post, Washington Examiner, and The San Francisco Examiner, the entire incident was quietly hushed up and swept under the carpet so as not to taint the image of Trevino, Domenech, and the other writers.

After his imprisonment, Anwar’s daughter who serves as in Parliament was arrested by Islamist authorities.

After his imprisonment, Anwar’s daughter who serves as in Parliament was arrested by Islamist authorities.

In the end, Trevino and the Islamist State in Malaysia got their way. Sharia Law was just introduced to the first province of the country in 2015, and as attention focused away from the crushing of the democracy movement, Anwar’s appeal winning his case against the sodomy charge was overturned by Malaysia’s highest court, sentencing him to 5 years in prison, all to the dismay of his wife, a woman who has fought vigorously for his freedom and justice.  a few months after, his daughter, serving in the Malaysian Parliament, was also arrested for speaking out against the growth of radical islam in the country and the imprisonment of her father.

In December 2015, only four months ago, Malaysia announced it’s first Sharia Compliant Airline.

In December 2015, only four months ago, Malaysia announced it’s first Sharia Compliant Airline.

Now Redstate, built on the money of the Islamists, is turning towards discrediting Donald Trump next. No blog puts out more anti-Trump pieces than Redstate. And while Malaysia just introduced it’s first Sharia-Law compliant airline with the help of Ted Cruz’ best friends at Redstate, the blog bashes Trump as crazy and racist for his fear of the influence of radical islam. One can only pray that either Trump has either been wrong all along about this threat and we are safe if Cruz wins the nomination, or that he is right and manages to win against the forces behind Senator Ted Cruz and

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